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Dmoz is Shutting Down, a New Era For Link Building?

dmoz directory closing

By now we all know that the infamous and reputable web directory, Dmoz, will be shutting down on March the 14th.

“Important Notice As of Mar 14, 2017 dmoz.org will no longer be available.”

But what does this actually mean? Will this have an impact on ‘easy link building’? It’s no secret that SEO agencies and other businesses across the globe used this directory as a Local SEO / Citation…

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Link Building In 2017. Has Anything Changed?

2017 Linkbuilding tips and tricks

It’s already 2017 and marketers are starting to be more picky about their Link Building strategies. We thought of putting together a list of things to avoid or do when setting up a Link Building campaign, so you don’t have to worry about your site being flagged as spam for poor quality backlinks. Just as a disclosure, this is not a 2017 Link Building guide, but rather…