Manchester riots

We have been monitoring twitter, facebook etc all day and have seen many posts which have all been blown out of proportion. The BBC is linking to its own site with Riots in Manchester as the subject, when there is no content whatsoever about the page…. in our opinion that is completely out of order and is abuse of social media for SEO purposes.

Update 10/08/11: It was a bad night in Manchester with many luxury goods stores targeted by the young and idiotic looters. Some morons on Sky News tried to justify the roits by blaming “VAT” and increase in students fees. I found that hilarious because the likelihood of any of these thugs interested in going to university is pretty slim. Stores like Deisel, Foot Asylum and Miss Selfridges were targeted but no “BOOK stores”.

One youngster some it up with this quote “we are doing it because the police can’t do nothing about it”. Are we now seeing the fall out of the Bling Bling culture?


Below are some pictures of the idiots in actions in Manchester and Salford:-

Update: Fire in Miss Selfridge at Market Street, Manchester. Credit to the Photographer


After finishing work, I’ve gathered a few shots here of what is going on in and around manchester. Thanks to the photographers…