Link Building In 2017. Has Anything Changed?

2017 Linkbuilding tips and tricks

It’s already 2017 and marketers are starting to be more picky about their Link Building strategies. We thought of putting together a list of things to avoid or do when setting up a Link Building campaign, so you don’t have to worry about your site being flagged as spam for poor quality backlinks. Just as a disclosure, this is not a 2017 Link Building guide, but rather an overview of the state of Link Building these days.

  1. Don’t Rush it.
    Everybody wants immediate results, but Link Building is one of those things you have to be patient about. It’s better to take your time and see Domain Authority growth over time than to give everything you got in a short amount of time. Google and other search engine algorithms, will notice un-natural timings in your backlinks, that’s why you have to take it slow. Consistency is key!
  2. Backlink Relevancy.
    It doesn’t matter what kind of website you own, big or small, local business or an agency website, your backlinks need to be relevant to your niche. We’ve seen countless times websites getting irrelevant backlinks from unrelated sites. This is a clear case of ‘quality over quantity’. You, or your marketing firm, will have to create a Link Building research plan in order to find relevant domains from your niche. These websites could be, blogs, news websites, forums, GOV websites, directories (although be careful about submitting to a directory, Google and other search engines might see directory backlinks a bit spammy. Use established and high domain authority directories. You could also use the MOZ spam score meter to check out a domain’s spam score).
  3. Local SEO.
    While it’s not technically considered Link Building, Local SEO can help you improve your rankings for local searches. Having consistent (NAP) Local SEO listings will definitely help with your domain authority and overall website growth.
  4. Careful when choosing an SEO agency.
    Link Building is a complicated and risky business in the world of search engine optimisation. That’s why we advise everybody to think twice when hiring an SEO agency for doing their Link Building strategy. Some agencies, for the purpose of saving time and energy, tend to create ‘spammy’ or poor backlinks to your website. These links could improve your rankings on a short term, but in the long run, Google might see this as an issue and penalise your website into oblivion. It’s very hard to recover from a hit like that, you’ve had instances where the client needed a brand new domain as their old website was simply too spammed with poor quality backlinks.

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