Keeping your name secure in a modern world

With the recording industry and filming industry trying to crack down on piracy, you might be wondering why there is such a huge effort into stopping distribution of these files when copyright laws already exist to cover copyrighted material. It is only when you start to analyze the situation that you begin to realize the difficulties that companies face in protecting their brand in a world wide competitive digital marketplace. Pick up something which you have on your desk, something you have bought personally, you know that the product surely has been protected, after all its a well known brand, they have been going for the last fifty years haven’t they or perhaps even longer. You might however be surprised when you examine the brand name and realize, they do not actually have that nice comforting Trade Mark symbol following the name of the product and the name of the company, and really every other word you might imagine on that box! I have picked up some boxes and as little as half of them are actually marked as a registered trademark. Quite surprising given that three of them are a well known brand.

It leads to the wonder of where do you need to draw the line in protecting your brand and identity in this modern world.

Textmimedia has recently encountered problems of our own in this environment to which we have successfully defended our brand against a competitor. We have recently secured the domain name registration which a competitor decided that they would snap it up in a hostile registration of our brand. We first found out about it and our CEO was furious about how it happened thinking that we had already secured the domain ourselves. After a calming mug of tea, over which we convinced him not to pick up a baseball bat and have a “private” conversation with them. Instead we followed the path of going through proper channels to resolve the dispute over ownership of the domain name.

Having studied the ins and outs of the dispute process, we can now confidently say we understand the process inside out and can even support your business should you fall prey to this kind of problem. It does however highlight the importance of securing your brand buy registering the domain name that represents your brand. We encourage you to get in touch as a matter of urgency.

Textmimedia was successful in proving to an independent expert in intellectual property that not only was the name of Textmimedia a trademark of the company which we inherently have rights over but also that the name was registered with a hostile intent. These two elements are central to winning a domain name dispute.

Nominet Case Id: D00010815


Graduate of the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University with degrees in Computing Science and Internet Software Development.