How to Spot SEO Sharks and Cowboys

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the technique of pimping your website to increase visitor numbers on the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO can be an excellent marketing technique to increase sales and generate leads to your website. SEO can be complicated at times but it isn’t rocket science, the basics can be learned if you put the time and effort in. Most companies don’t have the time to implement a SEO campaign so the wise option is to employ an experienced freelance SEO consultant or a SEO Company.

Signs of Bad SEO Services

There are thousands of SEO companies and professionals to choose from, here are a few tell tale signs of BAD SEO Services.

  1. Making promises that are too good to be true – for example “Number 1 in Google Guaranteed!”
  2. Targeting keyword that irrelevant keywords that doesn’t convert traffic.
  3. Using Black Hat SEO techniques – it might work for a while but you will severely punished in the long run.
  4. Creating bad content – for example, writing content stuff full of keywords that cannot be understood by a human being or incorrect spellings.
  5. Promising to get thousands of back links from directories and social bookmarking site – these are mostly from poor quality directories that provide little to no value to the SEO campaign. Link building is all about quality not quantity.
  6. Getting links from link farms or dodgy link schemes.
  7. Driving irrelevant traffic to your website.
  8. Redesigning your website without implementing the proper redirects.
  9. One time payment for SEO services with no maintenance fee.
  10. Claims that they are in partnership with Google or one of the major search engine providers.

I’m sure they are more sign out there, these are just a few we’ve come across when dealing with clients who’ve had terrible SEO services in the past.

If your looking for a honest SEO company who uses white hat SEO and link building techniques, Contact Textmimedia. There are other good SEO companies out there as well.


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  • Thanks for mentioning the points, they are appropriate. Especially… No SEO company can give guarantee to be “Number 1 in Google Guaranteed!” using white hat techniques, there are many companies who use black hat method which is harmful.