Google plus invites us to experience a whole new look

Google plus launch!

If your a fan of Google (or user, who somehow although not particularly liking them finds themelves on it everyday) youwill probably have noticed a fare amount of changes to the whole Google experience over the past couple of weeks.  Yes that’s right, Google have launched their new social network, The Google Plus Project; and with it come a whole host of different user experience changes and updates.  It seems like Google has finally created a fully finished UI design, beginning the transition from their oldskool website design, into a beautiful web application, powered by sophisticated javascript and HTML 5 goodies.

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We’ve been happily playing and watching the UI changes over the past week,  it now seems that Google have opted to make gmail look much simpler aswell, which we’re feeling pretty positive about.  We’d love to hear your comments and experiences of the Google plus project so far.  Do you think the Google Plus Project will hinder any of Facebooks services? Or is this just another social network which we’ll forget about.  What about Facebook’s plans for a universal mailing system? How will Google Plus effect that (since there mailing system is already concrete)?

Google Plus Project Screenshots

If you’ve not had any look at google plus yet, we’ve put together a couple of screenshots for you to take a gander at:

Google User Stream

Google Circles

Fancy a Google Plus invite?

Drop us a comment with your email address and we’ll swing one your way. you can then be in our circle of friends too 🙂 (This is not a bribe in any way shape or form, just to clarify incase you were concerned about how this may apply to the Bribery Act which came into force today).

The Google Plus Project



  • Mr James Morris!
    Where is my invite?

  • this could be an interesting reveal.

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  • yeah, I just created a Google+ account from an invitation of my friend. Try it in some minutes, I have some thoughts: more simple than Facebook with magical Circles, animation effects are processed so smooth

    if you have any difficulty in registering, let me know, I’ll invite you immediately; otherwise pls add me if you already had