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The importance of HTTPS Pt2 – Twitter Security

Twitter Security has been the subject of recent news from the 4th of July, and the hacking of the Fox News network Twitter account, I thought it would be a good idea to continue on Raj’s article, and produce a short series for everyone, just to show the true importance of HTTPS.  After the very informative article on how ‘hackers’ manage to hijack a Facebook accounts easily.  I thought…

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Google plus invites us to experience a whole new look

Google plus launch!

If your a fan of Google (or user, who somehow although not particularly liking them finds themelves on it everyday) youwill probably have noticed a fare amount of changes to the whole Google experience over the past couple of weeks.  Yes that’s right, Google have launched their new social network, The Google Plus Project; and with it come a whole host of different user experience changes and updates.  It seems like Google has finally created a fully finished…