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The importance of HTTPS Pt2 – Twitter Security

Twitter Security has been the subject of recent news from the 4th of July, and the hacking of the Fox News network Twitter account, I thought it would be a good idea to continue on Raj’s article, and produce a short series for everyone, just to show the true importance of HTTPS.  After the very informative article on how ‘hackers’ manage to hijack a Facebook accounts easily.  I thought…


Google plus invites us to experience a whole new look

Google plus launch!

If your a fan of Google (or user, who somehow although not particularly liking them finds themelves on it everyday) youwill probably have noticed a fare amount of changes to the whole Google experience over the past couple of weeks.  Yes that’s right, Google have launched their new social network, The Google Plus Project; and with it come a whole host of different user experience changes and updates.  It seems like Google has finally created a fully finished…

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The Mission of Search Engines

The use of search engines has become incorporated into every facet of our technological advanced society. There are more than 12 million searches being performed each month, with over 400 million web searches performed every day.