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Keeping your name secure in a modern world

With the recording industry and filming industry trying to crack down on piracy, you might be wondering why there is such a huge effort into stopping distribution of these files when copyright laws already exist to cover copyrighted material. It is only when you start to analyze the situation that you begin to realize the difficulties that companies face in protecting their brand in a world wide competitive digital marketplace.

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Merry Christmas from Textmi Media

All the staff of Textmimedia wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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iOS, iPhone, iPad Developers Needed Manchester

We are seeking experienced iOS, iPhone, iPad Application Developers to join our existing development team in Manchester city centre. We are expanding our offices due to our winning of some major new clients.


  • Implement new iPhone User Interfaces
  • Support existing applications and improve with new features.
  • Debug, test, maintain and estimate activities on current infrastructure.
  • Participate in the architectural design for new iphone and mobile projects.

Key Skills and Experience:

  • Strong experience with User Interface / iPhone Development
  • Excellent experience of developing iPhone and iPad applications…
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Manchester riots

We have been monitoring twitter, facebook etc all day and have seen many posts which have all been blown out of proportion. The BBC is linking to its own site with Riots in Manchester as the subject, when there is no content whatsoever about the page…. in our opinion that is completely out of order and is abuse of social media for SEO purposes.

Update 10/08/11: It was a bad night in Manchester with many luxury goods stores targeted…

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Google plus invites us to experience a whole new look

Google plus launch!

If your a fan of Google (or user, who somehow although not particularly liking them finds themelves on it everyday) youwill probably have noticed a fare amount of changes to the whole Google experience over the past couple of weeks.  Yes that’s right, Google have launched their new social network, The Google Plus Project; and with it come a whole host of different user experience changes and updates.  It seems like Google has finally created a fully finished…

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Just another Digital Marketing Agency Manchester blog

Textmimedia has launched it’s digital marketing agency manchester blog; has relaunched their website along with a company blog.

Yes that right.  Textmimedia now has a blog.  For the latest news about us and what we get up to be sure to check out the facebook page, or stay tuned here for more fresh lovely content!